Negative opinion for glucosamine and joint, the series continues!

This negative opinion for glucosamine and joint in article 13.5 follows previous rejections. EFSA has already issued an opinion on glucosamine and reduced rate of cartilage degeneration and reduced risk of development of osteoarthritis pursuant to Article 14 with an unfavourable outcome. The Panel has also already issued an opinion on glucosamine alone or in combination with chondroitin sulphate and maintenance of joints pursuant to Article 13(1) with a similar unfavourable outcome.

Nevertheless, EFSA acknowledges :

• The characterization : The food constituent that is the subject of the health claim is glucosamine, is sufficiently characterised.

• The health relationship : The claimed effect is “contributes to the protection of joint cartilage exposed to excessive motion or loading and helps to improve the range of motion in joints“. Maintenance of joints is a beneficial physiological effect.

• The target population : The target population proposed by the applicant is healthy individuals exposed to excessive load on the joints.

But EFSA continues to reject the scientific substantiation. The Panel considers that the evidence provided does not establish that patients with acute knee injury are representative of the target population (healthy individuals exposed to excessive load on the joints) with regard to the status of joint tissues, or that results obtained in studies on subjects with acute knee injury can be extrapolated to the proposed target population.

For joint (as well as for other applications), we anticipated and expressed long time ago in an interview for Nutraingredients that it is essential to prove the efficacy of an ingredient in healthy subjects. The selection of study subjects is essential for the use of the results in a health claim file. Moreover, we implemented our advices and get positives results on joint in healthy subjects.

All claims are accessible online on Nutraveris’on line.

For any question about joint, clinical study or health claim application, contact our experts.

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