A mango leaf extract (Zynamite®) reduces muscle damages and improves recovery after a physical exercise.

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This double-blinded and placebo-controlled study examined the effects of Zynamite®, a mango leaf extract (140 mg), in combination with quercetin (140 mg), for the management of muscle pain and recovery following a physical exercise (10 km race followed by 100 drop jumps). 57 participants received their supplement one hour before exercise, and then every 8 hours for 24 hours.

Results showed that the supplementation reduced muscle pain (p = 0.035), as the decrease in jump performance (p = 0.036) and mechanical impulse (p = 0.038) 24 hours after exercise. The increase in serum myoglobin and alanine aminotransferase has been limited by the supplement in men, but no in women.

Therefore, the combination of Zynamite® and quercetin may prevent muscle damage and improve recovery of muscle performance.

Martin-Rincon M, Gelabert-Rebato M, Galvan-Alvarez V, Gallego-Selles A, Martinez-Canton M, Lopez-Rios L, Wiebe JC, Martin-Rodriguez S, Arteaga-Ortiz R, Dorado C, Perez-Regalado S, Santana A, Morales-Alamo D, Calbet JAL. Supplementation with a Mango Leaf Extract (Zynamite®) in Combination with Quercetin Attenuates Muscle Damage and Pain and Accelerates Recovery after Strenuous Damaging Exercise. Nutrients. 2020 Feb 26;12(3)

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