TaibUVID for prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19: a case report

A case report in a 44-year-old male physician who was confirmed COVID-19 positive has been recently published. He was sent for home isolation with no treatment given. The patient received a home-made TaibUVID nutritional supplement (Nigella sativa, chamomile and natural honey) five times daily for four consecutive days along with TaibUVID inhalation therapy (using the heated solution of Nigella sativa and chamomile five times a day). The next day, he was quite better with mild symptoms. Two days later, nasopharyngeal swab PCR was negative while other patients still had positive nasopharyngeal swabs. As few attacks of mild cough and breathing difficulty existed, he was admitted to hospital. A nasopharyngeal swab PCR was negative. He had lymphocytosis (possibly due to TaibUVID effects) that counteract lymphopenia seen in COVID-19 patients. Biochemical and hematological evaluation were normal. Few days later, he was quite improved with no symptoms. The case showed that TaibUVID may be effective in rapidly changing the nasopharyngeal swab PCR from positive to negative, and are advisable as a natural, safe and effective prophylaxis to stop COVID-19.

El Sayed SM, Aboonq MS, Aljehani YT, Hassan MA, Abou El-Magd RM, Abdelrahman AI, El-Tahlawi R, Nabo MMH, Yousef RS, Mahmoud AA, Elsayed YY, Abu-Elnaga M, Soliman TM, Abdel-Gawad AR, Elshazley M, Baghdadi H, El-Sawy S, Mahmoud HS, El-Anzi ME, Alharbi MB. TaibUVID nutritional supplements help rapid cure of COVID-19 infection and rapid reversion to negative nasopharyngeal swab PCR: for better public prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 pandemic. Am J Blood Res. 2020 Dec 15;10(6):397-406. PMID: 33489449; PMCID: PMC7811903.

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