Food supplements improve COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

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The efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine has been discussed in the past months. This randomized and placebo-controlled study has been conducted in order to examine the effects of food supplements on the response to COVID-19 vaccine. 60 patients have been enrolled. Half of the participants received two food supplements (Immunace Forte® and Ultra D3®), containing vitamin D3, lycopene, selenium, L-carnitine, and micronutrients.

12 weeks after the first vaccine dose, the antibody level in the supplemented group has been increased by 7%, while it decreased by 31% in the control group. 3 weeks after the second vaccine dose, the antibody level increased by 17% in the supplemented group, and decreased by 38.5% in the control group. Therefore, based on these results, food supplements may improve the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine, even if the clinical consequences, and notably the protection against COVID-19, remain unclear.

Vaidya VG, Shelatkar R, Ganu G, Joshi S. Clinical Validation of Effectiveness of Immunace Forte® & Ultra D3® Improving Immunogenicity of COVID-19 Vaccine in Healthy Individuals. IJSR 2022; 11(5):732-736.

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