About us

Nutraveris is a regulatory and scientific consulting firm in the field of Health Nutrition created in 2006.

It is the ideal partner to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of ingredients for nutraceutical products. This regulatory and scientific validation allows the creation of products that comply with the regulatory framework of the EU, the USA and Asia.

The company publishes the NOL Data Solution database, which has up-to-date regulatory statuses for more than 3,000 ingredients and 70,000 scientific proofs, and the automated labeling generation and formulation audit tool, NOL Compliance. It also offers a wide range of expertise to intervene in all phases of creation: Audit/Notification, Novel Food, food additive, GRAS/NDI, health claims, labeling, formulation

In 2020, Nutraveris joins the international group FoodChain ID to be part of its Technical Services division.