Meal Replacements

Foods for weight control are regulated by specific provisions on composition and labeling according to Directive 96/8/EC on foods intended for use in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction. Regulation (EU) N° 609/2013 provides that the current directive will be replaced by a new delegated act: Regulation (EU) 2017/1798 will apply instead of Directive 96/8/EC from 27 October 2022.

From July 2016, according to Regulation (EU) N° 609/2013 concerning the revision of PARNUTS legislation, meal replacements for weight control are ordinary foods or fortified foods: the two authorized health claims on meal replacements may continue to be used, the conditions of use of those claims are amended by Regulation (EU) 2016/1413.

General food law (food safety, information to consumers, novel foods, nutrition and health claims…) also applies to foods for weight control.

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