Foods for infants and young children

  • Intended for children under three years old who have specific nutrition requirements, infant formulae and follow-on formulae and other foods intended for infants and young children (meals, desserts, processed cereal-based foods,…) are specifically regulated at European level concerning composition, labelling and communication by Directives 2006/141/EC and 2006/125/EC. Infant formulae must be notified at national level.
  • General food law (food safety, information to consumers, novel foods, nutrition and health claims,…) also applies to foods for infants and young children without prejudice to their specific provisions.
  • Regulation (EU) N° 609/2013 concerning the revision of PARNUTS legislation provides that current directives on food for infants and young children will be replaced by new specific texts : Regulation (EU) 2016/127 as regards the specific compositional and information requirements for infant formula and follow-on formula and as regards requirements on information relating to infant and young child feeding will apply instead of Directive 2006/141/EC from 22 February 2020. The new delegated act on processed cereal-based foods and baby foods is still expected.
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