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Thanks to its solid, mature and experienced scientific and regulatory departments, the strength of the NUTRAVERIS consultancy lies in an expert, complementary, dynamic and responsive team. We are resolutely focused on the client’s satisfaction and success, providing specific and personalized solutions.

Regulatory and Scientific Services

Novel foods

  • Regulatory evaluation
  • Procedure recommandation: consultation, 3rd countries, complete
  • Scientific gap analysis
  • Experts recommendations
  • EFSA file preparation & submission
  • Follow-up & exchange (EFSA/EC)
  • Dedicated physiology & toxicology PhD experts
  • The best expertise in the market

EU & USA Regulatory Compliance & Notification

  • Compliance analysis & adjustments of composition, rules of labelling, communications
  • Label validation
  • File preparation & submission to national authorities (EU only)
  • Follow-up & exchanges through authorization process
  • Experts & artificial intelligence solutions
  • The largest practice in the market (more than 4000 products authorized)

Food Additives

  • Regulatory evaluation
  • Scientific gap analysis
  • Experts recommendations
  • File preparation & submission
  • Follow-up & exchange
  • Dedicated physiology & toxicology PhD experts
  • The best expertise in the market

Scientific review/medical writing

  • Efficacy literature review
  • Safety literature review
  • Botanicals & substances appendix (France requirement)
  • Dedicated Experts PhD in Pharmacy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Toxicology
  • Optimal synergistic knowledge

Health claims

  • Scientific gap analysis
  • Expert strategy recommendations
  • EFSA file development & submission
  • Follow-up & exchanges (EFSA/EC)
  • Dedicated physiology & biochemistry PhD experts
  • The best expertise on the market


  • Elaboration of specifications for manufacturing subcontracting
  • Reminder of European and national quality standards in force
  • Quality control
  • Experts dedicated to quality for our customers
  • The choice to go beyond regulatory compliance

Due diligences

  • Regulatory compliance review (Formulation, claims..)
  • Scientific support compliance (efficacy, interactions, safety…)
  • Quality insurance evaluation (process, controls, analysis…)
  • Export feasibility in other countries
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Experts in all these areas of expertise
  • Regular practice for investment funds and on most recent deals

Strategic survey

Strategic Regulatory, Quality & Scientific Intelligence

  • Ingredients
  • Product categories
  • Health applications
  • Claims
  • Countries
  • Experts & artificial intelligence solutions
  • The most powerful solution on the market


Formulation development according to appropriate regulatory conditions (regulatory status, specific countries, claims), specific requirements (galenic form, quality, price), health benefits and safety

Scientific and Regulatory Training in Nutrition and Health

Thanks to its certification as a professional training organization, scientific and regulatory experts from Nutraveris offer you personalized training sessions

Clinical study protocol

NUTRAVERIS is recognized as one of the leaders in designing EFSA compliant clinical study protocol design aiming to substantiate Health Claim or Novel Food authorizations

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