Authorization ingredient

  • Audit of the regulatory status

    1. Review of the regulatory status of the native ingredient before processing (plant, animal product, other source...), in EU Member States that specifically qualify it (positive/negative lists, potential doctrines...)
    2. Analysis of the regulatory status of the processed ingredient depending on the process: extraction ratio, selectivity of solvents, technological auxiliaries and additives.
    3. Analysis of the status of the ingredient in terms of quality control: compliance with quality standards for allergens, GMOs, microbiology, heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, irradiation...

  • Feasibility study for the authorization of Novel Food
    the following steps:

    1. Research of existing authorized ingredients within Europe and comparison of analytical data, in order to evaluate the feasibility of an application for authorization based on substantial equivalence (this light procedure will no longer exist from 2018).
    2. Evaluation of the safety of the ingredient through the research and analysis of data related to the safety of the source, the manufacturing process and specific data on the ingredient.
    3. Strategic recommendation for the best procedure to follow in order to achieve an authorization to market the ingredient

  • Novel Food preparation and submission: see “Novel Food” solution
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