NOL Compliance

Created by our regulatory and scientific experts


NOL Compliance to launch yours products

The Artificial Intelligent solution for regulatory review and labeling generation

The Nol Compliance solution allows you to audit your formulations based on regulations for each ingredient and country, to generate automatic labeling of your product (claims, nutrition table, legal notice, specific warnings), and then update it in 1 click depending on the evolution of the regulations or your formulation.

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NOL DATA Solution and NOL Compliance have become two everyday tools of our R & D and marketing teams, allowing us to easily and quickly make the best strategic choices of ingredients in our development phases, and to exploit our best levers of commercial differentiation. in connection with our regulatory imperatives.

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3 advantages to using NOL Compliance


The algorithm looks for data, combines, challenges, anticipates scenarios, calculates dosages, net weight, limits and warnings.


Generates labeling including health claims, mandatory and specific warnings, list of ingredients, nutrition chart…

Monitoring and updating

Update analysis and labeling at any time with all of your formulations on the same platform. Adapts to a new country in one click.

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Solve all the development problems of your new products
Secure your investments and limit risks
Be the most reactive
To create theirs products, our customers are using Nol Data Solution