The most efficient compliance platform to create your Supplements in Europe, USA and Asia

While navigating the regulations is often complex, for you, it will be a breeze. With NOL Data Solution, you can rely on reliable, real-time updated data validated by our experts to create the innovative products your customers need.

Your step by step tool to make it easy the creation of compliant dietary supplements

Easily access the regulatory status of ingredients for the Europe, USA and Asia.
All ingredients are linked to their allowed claims, classified by country. You know which claims you have the right to use and where.
We provide all the documentation at your fingertips to proove the link between ingredient and health benefits.
We provide an exhaustive view of the regulatory framework flow to easily understand what you need to do to launch your products in EU, USA and Asia.
Ingredient and/or health benefits search are linked to a products database. Instantly see what is the competition by market segment.
All search results can be exported in a consolidated document generated on the fly. Just pin it.
All search result can be transform into an automatic email alert. When a new result is inserted in the dabase, we push you an email alert.
Our regulatory and scientific Experts push a ton of high value document to help you to interpret the results: regulation, status, claims, health application,… Plus special monthly reports to keep you up to date.

Packaged with data always up-to-date to take the good decision


Regulatory status on more than 3,000 ingredients allowed in the EU Member States, in the USA (vitamins, minerals, plants, substances, additives …) and in Asia, with direct access to source texts, maximum doses, the mandatory information, and all permitted, pending or rejected Health claims and their conditions of use.


More than 60,000 papers of scientific evidence published in peer-reviewed journals (in vitro, in vivo and clinical), analyzed and synthesized, to support efficacy, safety and bioavailability.


A benchmark of more than 127,000 finished products in the main European markets (Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France and USA), to analyze the formulations, communications and positioning of your competitors.

NOL Data Solution help leading global brands to comply with regulatory framework

In NOL they trust

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