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The most efficient DATA Solution to create your products in Europe and in the USA.

While navigating the regulations is often complex, for you, it will be a breeze. With NOL Data Solution, you can rely on reliable, real-time updated data validated by our experts to create the innovative products your customers need.

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Our platform allows you to create your product by giving you access to all necessary data whether it is regulatory information, scientific or marketing aspects. You save a lot of time and can create the product your customers need while making safer investments.

A knowledge base for all phases of creation

Ingredients and all their regulatory status

Regulatory status on more than 3,000 ingredients allowed in the EU Member States and in the USA (vitamins, minerals, plants, substances, additives …), with direct access to source texts, maximum doses, the mandatory information, and all permitted, pending or rejected Health claims and their conditions of use.

Scientifics Evidences

More than 50,000 papers of scientific evidence published in peer-reviewed journals (in vitro, in vivo and clinical), analyzed and synthesized, to support efficacy, safety and bioavailability.

Benchmarked Finished Products

A benchmark of more than 100,000 finished products in the main European markets (Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France and USA), to analyze the formulations, communications and positioning of your competitors.

Suitable for all branches of the nutraceutical industry and for companies of all sizes

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Ingredients
  • Sport Food
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Food Supplements


NOL Data Solution is my 'go to' source for accessing regulatory information for the EU.

It's straightforward design makes locating the documentation I'm looking for quick and easy. Thanks to Nutraveris for consolidating this important data in a single, user-friendly format!

NOL Data Solution is an essential tool for anyone interested in food Regulatory matters in Europe.

NOL Data Solution is very instrumental to conduct regulatory assessments. The database is easy to use, has a comprehensive summary of several pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as authorized/on-hold claims in Europe. You can also find there a well-structured compilation of national and supranational European regulations.

I would not hesitate to engage Nutraveris on any of our future EU projects.

I would highly recommend Nutraveris. They have delivered regulatory service beyond what was expected. I trust the Nutraveris team to deliver the most up to date and relevant information. During a very challenging EU Novel Food application – the Nutraveris team, particularly my individual consultant, was able to navigate a strategy with positive results. In fact, our project was completed within budget and ahead of schedule.

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