Nutrition and Health claims

According to your objective, our experts will drive you along one of the following paths:

Products / ingredients not substantiated by any specific clinical studies:

  • Evaluation of available generic claims and recommendations of use of ingredients authorized in the targeted countries, scientifically substantiated, aiming to support your promises in your communication tools

Products / ingredients substantiated by specific clinical studies:

  • STEP I: Gap analysis (evaluation of the dossier admissibility).

    1. Scientific analysis of the data in accordance with Regulatory admissibility criteria

      • EFSA opinions and guidance on the same applications/ingredients.
      • Clinical studies on the applications/ingredients
      • Characterization data on the applications/ingredients

    2. Strategy to follow

      • Strengths and weaknesses of the substantiation
      • Suggestion of alternative claims to apply, in line with your expectations, general EFSA requirements and available scientific data.
      • Complementary elements to provide including additional clinical studies.

  • STEP II : Dossier preparation and submission

    1. Preparation of the health claim file.
    2. National authority submission and follow up.
    3. EFSA and European Commission follow up

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